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Companies can get a discount of 50% when recruiting talents that are from Russia and India from AIESEC.


Russia,in which the most important import country is China,and its amount of money by import has a percentage of about 90%,is in a good relationship with China both in politics and economy.Speaking of Russian talents,in the recent years,the quantity of Russians that come to China for jobs is growing each year.Moreover,the quality of higher education in Russia is the top of all over the world,and the ratio of Chinese speakers in Russia is much higher than that in other countries.


India,which has the second largest population in the world and is Asia's third largest economy,have a great outlook of talents that go overseas.In Silicon,almost 1/3 of chief executives are Indians.English is one of the official languages in India,and there are various cultures in it,so they can be better accustomed to the globalized community.Meanwhile,what Indians are good at is far more than science and engineering.Population of Indians that come to China for jobs and interns of business is also large.

如今,作为全球性的非政府组织,AIESEC致力于促进各国之间的深入交流,我们看到了中俄合作和中印合作的美好前途。现推出优惠合作方案:通过 AIESEC 寻找适合您企业发展的俄罗斯人才(非酒店教育类)或者印度人才,即可获得五折优惠。

Nowadays,known as the global non-government organization,AIESEC is devoted to better communication among countries,and we witness the brighter future of cooperation between China and Russia,and between China and India.If you choose Russian talents(without industries of education and hotel) and Indian talents in our platform,you can have a discount of 50%.


What we believe is that,by providing qualified global talents,whatever kind of companies they are,they can benefit from our products.Choose us and customize your global talent!



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